KLT News Network Is Now Live! What's Next For Me?

Yesterday I cut the red ribbon via Internet and made KLT News Network live! Out of all my journalism websites that I have so far, this is by far my favorite. KLT News Network allows for me to not only expand on the topics/subjects I cover as a journalist, I can also post articles at any time of day and not feel some sort of time restriction.

If I hear about some news going on at 3 a.m. my time, but 12 p.m. in another country instead of waiting for the optimum time to release articles (like I do with blog posts here) then I can. That is what news networks do!

So what is next for me now? *Drum roll*

KLT Gaming is next on my agenda to release soon! Now if you are thinking why I am doing this and having Nerds Realm as well... I will explain (obviously).

I want Nerds Realm to standout as its own publication for nerd culture/gaming news. While I am covering nerd culture/gaming news from my own personal perspective, I don't want to intertwine my own personal gaming in the mix as well. KLT Gaming will literally be everything that I am doing gaming wise. Streams on Twitch (which is still in the works), conventions like TwitchCon (which I missed this year, but have planned for 2017), and more.

I am currently working with my graphic artists LogoInn and if you wonder who has made all of my logos except this one... those are the masterminds behind it. If you are looking for a high quality logo I highly suggest you use them through my link here.

Once the logo for KLT Gaming is finalized I will release it on my Twitter (so to see it follow me on Twitter)!

I think that is enough new news for this blog post yeah? I hope you all have an amazing day and rest of the week.