Streamers, Publishers, and Developers... Meet DOS!

Content Creators may be receiving an extra Christmas present this year. CEO Richard “Cody” h Dietrich Online Services (aka DOS) has officially announced the opening of his new company.

Dietrich Online Services will serve as a content creation liaison for publishers and developers alike to bring exposure to their games. In addition, Content Creators (small or major) will have the opportunity to have access for these games that are usually kept under the radar until major release dates. Here are two direct quotes from developers and publishers who have given their expert constructive criticism for DOS so far.

“Dietrich Online Services has been a valuable resource in getting our games distributed to the YouTube gaming community. I’ve been able to engage with and get content created by a fabulous network of excited YouTubers. I would definitely work with Dietrich Online Services again.” - Raghav Mathur (Chief Marketing Officer of Black Shell Media)

"In a time where YouTube and Twitch are becoming more popular with gamers and how it helps gives exposure to indie developers, Dietrich Online Services couldn't have come at a better time. Cody has kept me in the loop about my review keys every step of the way and I know he can be trusted to handle any future releases we have." - Rafal Kokosza (Founder of GrabTheGames)

Back in 2015, DOS had a very quiet soft launch while forming relationships with Content Creators and Publishers/Developers from Twitch, YouTube, and other social media sites. What is going to make DOS unique is the feature they have that everyone will greatly appreciate. This is what Cody had to say about his vision for the company.

“DOS was started because I grew tired of seeing tweets about how developers were getting scammed by gamers claiming to be reviewers and/or content creators. Instead of helping these new and upcoming games get some much needed (and very appreciated) exposure, these frauds take these review keys just to end up leaving without a trace, or worse, putting it on a resell site to earn a profit. This has put a stigma on legitimate content creators who may not have a big public following such as famous YouTubers PewDiePie and Markiplier, and in turn causes developers and publishers to shy away from unknown and unproven outlets.

I wanted to create a service for these game developers where they knew the key was going to someone that was vetted and would be updated on what a channel is doing with their review key. If one were accepted for a copy of a game and didn't follow through, that channel would be banned from the mailing list and placed on the scammer list. Thankfully I haven't had to do that since DOS’s conception, but I plan on being very transparent when it happens based on a key sent to me in good faith.”

There is a living “Scammer List” on their website dedicated to weeding out those who become a potential nuisance to the community. Of course preventing fake idiots from utilizing these great services and possibly conning publishers, developers, and or content creators from their work. However, it is great to see that the proper measures have been implemented straight out of the gate.

Youtubers, Twitch streamers, content creators, and publishers/developers alike… are you persuaded to try something new this year? Possibly take your name/brand to the next level in our gaming community.