We Are Open 24 Hours

It took me a little time to make this decision, however, I am happy with the vision for it. Instead of waiting for the prime times of 9am-5pm like I used to when releasing blog posts, my blog will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! While it may not seem like the most groundbreaking news, to me it is a step in the right direction. 

As a blogger I typically stood in my own way when it comes to this. Always thinking that there is a “golden time” to post, but in reality, I feared having a hectic schedule. While I am still adjusting slightly to this whole working for myself lifestyle, every day I feel like things are becoming better and more efficient. 

I guess this is the part where I give y’all some personal updates huh? Well for starters, I am loving this new design that I have for the website! There is always something in my mind thinking of a new structure and/or format. (The things that go through the mind of a creative!)

For the past few months, I have also been enjoying the time I have spent with my GamerHolics team. They are basically another family to me (gaming family in this case) and it seems like I have known them all for a few years. My weird, nerdy, and sometimes wild siblings that I wouldn’t change for the world.

If you take a look on the very front page of my website, I now have a cover page setup! The cover page basically displays my latest tweets, which is where I will be from now on if I am not here (on the blog). Facebook is kind of getting played out for me (personally), and I have kept strong in regards to posting less there, and having more material here.  

Let’s see… I’m pretty excited that I had an intellectual debate with strangers about the Democratic candidates. Basically we had a debate about Hillary and Bernie’s plans for when they become President. O’Malley does not even have a chance and we all know how much of a mess the pool of GOP candidates are this time around. While my counterparts did not agree on whom we are supporting (with me standing in Hillary’s corner of course) in the end, we left the debate on a respectful note. It felt great to finally talk to others about politics for once and have my facts/logical opinions questioned with their own. Unfortunately, too many people are stuck in believing whatever they see on social media. So when I was stumped on a question or simply had no rebuttal, I felt enthused not defeated. 

I’m pretty sure that’s all I have to share for now… yeah I am positive. After being sick, my work schedule is a bit backlogged at the moment. It is not as bad as it was, but I am making strong process. Have a great Sunday…

Oh wait there is one more thing. If you have a Snapchat, feel free to follow me @KenonThompson as I release some BTS material I think you all will like.

Now that is all I have to say. Have a great night for you night owls and good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone around the world!