#WeekendCoffeeShare: Our "Intellecually Dishonest" Society Epidemic


For the most part of last year, I was highly disappointed in some of the things I witnessed on social media. I think what made it hurt was seeing that some of my friends. A very small fraction of my friends at best fit the latter, which at least resulted in some great conversations.

Intellectual dishonesty is defined as such:

A failure to apply standards of rational evaluation that one is aware of, usually in a self-serving fashion. If one judges others more critically than oneself, that is intellectually dishonest.

Parents who think that it is okay to justify lies and hate if it fits your agenda/narrative are raising kids. That is a scary sight to see for a society that has so much access to credible resources and not even use it.

My favorite scenario is the memes that have anything to do with Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  From stocks, to one million dollars, and even a magical unicorn (sarcastically done after the prior two) are the things people believed in by sharing a post. Even when the post did not come directly from Zuckerberg himself, people still shared and truly urged others to do the same.

The other “best of the worse” stems from democrats and liberals hate for Donald Trump. I am registered an independent as both parties have their pros and cons. I’ll talk about that in a different post. Back to Trump… I have seen a multitude of Tweets that were photoshopped from Trump’s official account. Unfortunately (kind of) the friends whom I’ve seen post it, removed it after learning the facts.

While I do not think Trump is going to be my next president, he is still an amazing entrepreneur. I would not spread lies and/or false facts on anyone just because I don’t agree with their opinions. However, that is the presidential campaign situations we are looking at. What makes this even more laughable…  these are the same people who will say nothing about politics until the next presidential election.

Don’t be this kind of person… people will have a genuine reason to not hear you out at all.

There are individuals who blatantly share/support false facts are the ones who get my blood to boil. Google does not exist for the sole purpose of finding out what your favorite celebrity is doing. Use it [Google] to your advantage for facts not fiction.

I understand we can’t save every idiot/bigot. However, I have one request for the general public. Please make sure you know the difference between facts and logical/illogical opinions this year yes?