Teach a Man to Fish Still Applies

I contribute the mentality that I have towards a few things. I grew up understanding how much of a bubble my peers put themselves in. While majority of them were completely cozy in the environment we were in, I consistently stepped out of the bubble. I needed to know what else could I see and learn in the world. I was (and still am) infatuated with learning different languages, learning different perspectives, and meeting new people.

Along the way of getting my first job as a teenager, I began to understand the value of money. Of course I was being paid minimum wage. My resume was completely filled with high school organizations and that’s it. I didn’t have many bills to pay for, so I had room to splurge on a little bit.

At any early age (thankfully) I began to comprehend the value of a work ethic. Depending upon anyone else to do something for me became annoying. In my mind, if I have to wait on someone for any reason, then there is a chance it may never happen. 

Now and days (for the most part) I notice people are asking for handouts more than wanting to earn it. This is where I think society is beginning to fail horribly at. Instead of reaching for higher standards and exceeding the average level, most of society thinks that the bars should stay the same, but average skills/work deserves the same incentives.

Presidential candidates (including my favorite Hillary) are looking to raise taxes for wealthy individuals in order to fund provisions for the middle/poverty class citizens. Here is where I disagree with them all. It is unfair for someone (celebrity or under-the-radar millionaire/billionaire) to have more of their money taken away just because our government can't responsibly budget the nation's finances. It is not the job of Donald Trump, Oprah, or Warren Buffett to pay for anyone else's experience (no matter how good it may benefit the general public).

Once I made it to college, I really began my quest for self-control. Anything that I have wanted, I went to get it myself. Not to have this misconstrued, my mentors helped me with resources as a foundation to what is now my own platform. I am forever in debt to them. However, I needed to approach them, otherwise I would have never been noticed. I needed to showcase why I was a college student/young professional worth investing time and resources in. 

To this day, my mentality is the same, just stronger. If I don't earn it, then I don't deserve it.

In the words of Tomi Lahren from TheBlaze (whom I have recently became aware of) makes a very valid point in her video. 

"... but the cycle of entitlement is rotting us of innovation, confidence, and pride. Maybe that's the difference between Republicans and Democrats. The left wants to give you self worth, the right wants you to earn it... it's not cold-hearted." 
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Posted by Tomi Lahren on Monday, January 18, 2016