Misconstrued Bigots of the First Amendment

America's society has become so stubborn in such a short time frame, that the hopes of becoming stable seems like a distant fairytale. There are many topics being debated right now such as gun rights/laws (the 2nd amendment, which I will cover in another post), gender equality/rights, LGBTQ equality/rights, and minimum wage for employees. These are all great subjects that need a few tweaks here and there in order to be beneficial for those who agree and disagree. However, the purpose of "agreeing to disagree" seems to no longer serve our country any meaning. 

A few days ago I scrolled down my timeline on Facebook to see what my friends from around the world are up to. One in particular shared a story about an American male looking to renounce his American citizenship if Donald Trump becomes president and move to Canada under refugee status. While it does not sound like a bad idea (Canada seems like an amazing comeback country honestly), there is no way Donald Trump would cause that much trouble to the United States unanswered. This friend of mine showed much praise to the story (and so did I if that's what he truly believes in).

This same friend recently posted this week the same rhetoric, but from their own standpoint. They stated that people are threatening to move to Canada if Bernie Sanders becomes president. By logic, you would think that she would give those same people the respect and kudos she did to the man in the first story. Unfortunately logic failed big time. Because this friend supports (respectfully) Bernie, the believe that people are overreacting. For some reason, anyone threatening to move out of the country if Bernie becomes president is "hating" the best option we have (by their perspective). Yet Trump supporters (who also believe he is the best option)  should move the day after election night and take their "racist, prejudice, hateful" opinions with them.

Canada, I love you from a far, but no matter who becomes president of my country, I am not moving away! However, I would really like to visit sometime soon as I have friends to catch up with if you don't mind. 

What people are failing to realize is that the first amendment applies to everyone even if you do not agree with them. I am a firm supporter of Hillary Clinton and I believe she is going to win this upcoming election. Not because I'm on some bandwagon, or I think it is finally time for a woman to become president. Put Hillary's resume next to everyone other candidates resumes and really make a sound assessment. We need the candidate who is fully capable for the position to win, not the people who simply sound good and feeding the public with hopes and dreams. 

You can not silence someone else's first amendment rights just because they don't agree with you or support the same ideology. Yes, sometimes people forget that common sense exists. However, the best way to prove someone wrong is not to censor their voices, but to prove that you are right beyond a shadow of a doubt.