Double Standards Will Always Exist in Religions

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Kim Davis has seen a fair amount of limelight on social media, and news outlets for a few months now. However, the LGBTQ community, and supporters have had enough with her decisions. Kim has refused to issue marriage licenses out to any couple (heterosexual, gay, or lesbian) because she believes that it is not of God's will.

I have seen multiple friends ask why she has not been fired yet. Well, it is not that easy because being elected is not the same as being "hired" at a normal job. She can be fired, but it will take until next year during the Legislatures regular session. She could be impeached sooner, however, it would cost a significant amount of money as it would be considered a special session.

I follow Christian religion because that is how I was raised, and that is what I continue to follow. However, I also accept (and am elated) that the sanctity of LGBTQ couples are no longer being discriminated against. I do believe that anyone who is in love should be able to marry whomever they want. A random man, and woman's marriage does not have a direct affect to my life, and neither will a same sex marriage. I would never for a second think that it is right (or my righteous duty because I'm definitely not the greatest Christian by any means) to tell someone else that their religion is wrong. I may not agree, just like others won't agree with Christianity... that doesn't mean I would be disrespectful. To each their own is how I see religion.

"They want us to accept their beliefs and their ways. But they won't accept our beliefs and our ways." - Joe Davis (Kim's husband)

No matter how anyone looks at the latter quote, that is a full blown fact. There is no basic legit way that someone should be shunned because their religious beliefs does not follow another religion's guidelines/beliefs. Many people who follow religions constantly try to push their faith onto others as if they are the ultimate judge whom dictates "I am right, you are wrong, and you should live by the rules that I personally believe in." There are roughly 4,200 different religions... technically no one is living by the absolute right religion beliefs/standards.

However, Kim's position as a county clerk is just a job within a government business... not her sole business entity. Which means, she does not have the power (morally speaking) to impose her beliefs, refuse service/marriage licenses, and still receive compensation for a job she is not doing. She has also disobeyed Supreme Court orders multiple times, and by those notions, Kim is liable to be fined, held in contempt, jail time, and/or removed from her position.

One day (just one) I would like to believe that everyone in this world would respect each other. Be open to the fact that everyone is not the same, and that is fine. Wishful thinking huh?