Turning 25 + New Adventure

TUrning 25 Blog post.jpg

This month I turned 25 years old, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't feel any changes like fatigue, or being considered "old" now or anything like that (thankfully). However, I did sit back and reflect on everything that I have done in my life so far, and I am quite happy about it. Traveling around the country, meeting amazing people/friends from all around the world, experiencing moments that I will never forget... I'll say that my first 25 years of living has been a success.

One of the major goals I had for myself was to become fully self-employed before living a quarter century... I beat that personal challenge by 2 months! For most of the summer I have been sitting in front of my computer, drinking normal amounts of coffee (to my standards, not doctor standards) writing as a freelance journalist for 3 different contracts I have. I admit, sometimes I get tired, and don't want to write anymore... so I just take a break whenever I want to! That is one major perk to working for yourself, being able to setup your own schedule to whatever you want, and take breaks without asking for anyone's permission. It is easy to get lazy with that kind of power, so it takes self-control to realize that money no longer comes in unless you do the work (which all entrepreneurs/small business owners know very well). In the near future, I will be integrating cooking (Chef) into a full-time business venture as well.

Being self-employed means that I can finally travel on my own terms, and still work anywhere in the world (as a journalist/photographer). For the past few months I have also been making traveling plans for 2016 that I can actually stick too (especially trips abroad). No more asking for time off, and hoping the boss approves it. No more taking days off, and worrying how to recover financially if savings + vacation pay (or lack there of) will be able cover the bills until the next full paycheck because I spent too much on enjoying life in the moment.

A change of scenery will be happening as well soon... but I'll rather show that information than tell it. Okay, just a sneak peak... I'm moving to a state that I have never lived in before. That's it, that's all you get for now.

Love and Coffee Beans! :)

A heavily caffeinated Kenon at the moment who is going to take a break now.