The More You Know/Learn...

It took a while for me to realize that I will never understand life as much as I wanted to. Everything that I want to happen is not guaranteed. Sometimes I may achieve dreams/goals that I want, and other times, random/unplanned life experiences happen… that's just life! At least I understand that right? Sometimes I'm stubborn for no reason, but I'm getting better at being a better positive stubborn person (that might not make sense to anyone, but it makes sense to me haha)! 

Project Update: For the past few years I have been writing stories (personal experiences) and shooting photos of my life with hopes of turning it into book(s). I let my mind get clouded with too many thoughts, and honestly, I should have recognized what was going on sooner than now. 

The photo above will be the cover of my first self-independent book "Welcome To My Nightmare." I decided that I was trying to work on various projects that were all basically the same. Ambition & Rebellion may be a title that I use in the future, but for now, Welcome To My Nightmare, fits all of the stories/photos I have written/taken over the past few years. My focus for the past 2 months has been editing/re-shooting photos for WTMN. I still do not have a definitive date on when the book will be released, but I can say that the book will be released in hard copy and Kindle/iTunes versions. I also want to note that for anyone that thinks they know exactly who I am, 99% of you all don't know even 10% of my life. The latter is not because I'm hiding anything from any of my close friends/family, I just wanted to keep my life and everything that has happened to myself until I am ready to let people that don't even know who I am read the stories. 

There is one person on this planet that knows everything about me at the current moment. Even after releasing this book, said person will probably be 1 out of 2 people that will ever know every single thing about me. My purpose of creating WTMN is not egotistical and focus solely on myself. I want people (friends, family, strangers that I don't even know) to realize that no one is alone. We all smile in front of others in public, but we are not always smiling behind closed doors. 

Life Update: I know that I have been talking about traveling a lot for a while. It has taking every month of this new year, every day, numerous meetings/negotiations on how I want my traveling schedule to be for the year. The most important trips I have to take is going back to my hometowns (Kansas City, and Denver)… those two are of the highest priority. I will be visiting Kansas City in a few days specifically for family reasons and then again in October for the Touch of Class (Drill Team Reunion). If you don't know what a drill team is, I suggest you look up some videos on YouTube, they always have all the answers to life! I don't have specific dates on when I will visit Denver, Atlanta, United Kingdom, Seattle, just yet, but they are all in the works.

Unrelated Update… Kind Of: I have been working on this new website design for a few months, hit a few bumps and still have some things to tweak before it is exactly what I want it to be. So if you see some links that may not work, or things that might look incomplete, that's because they are incomplete and I'm just behind my computer working to get them done as soon as possible. Like my homepage not being what it should be… yeah I'm talking to my website host about that now. 

If you haven't watched the TV show "Finding Carter" I suggest you do so, because it is without question the best TV Sitcom right now! 

That's all I have for now. I have some new photos/stories that are outtakes from WTMN that I will be releasing pretty soon, and also some random self-portrait photos/stories that I have been working on so stay tuned! Until then...

Love & Coffee Beans...