Is Society Becoming Too Arrogant?

I remember growing up in the 90's and listening to grown adults have debates about everything. No matter what the topic was, every side of the argument either contained logical thinking/opinions, proven facts, and common sense. However, I was a kid at that time, so I couldn't participate in any of the discussions because it was always considered grown folks business.

Nonetheless, I just knew that when I became an adult and someone asked of my thoughts about anything, I would always have intellectual (decent at worse) conversations with them. Unfortunately that dream did not come into fruition completely.

No matter how much I hate it, the fact is, I live in a society that is too arrogant for its own good. No longer does one need a credible source and/or proof of the facts they believe are true. Much of the population could care less about looking at a situation/topic from a logical standpoint. Any gossip blog or meme can have lies worse than Santa Claus and people still pass it off as the truth. If it fits someone's narrative or agenda, then what that blog/meme says is completely true. Even when you are on the opposite side and can prove your point of view with facts, people who are bigots will still think you are wrong.

For crying out loud we all have Google at our disposal... for free! (Excluding your Internet bill of course.) I can't believe that I live in an era now that is not what I fully imagined as a kid. To the "cool" people, it is still lame to read books or credible blogs/news outlets. Yet they put on glasses to look like geeks/nerds for fashion trend purposes.

If it looks like you wrote more than 140 characters, many people do not read it because "it is too long." But watching a 15 minute fight on World Start Hip Hop or spending hours watching Reality TV Shows (which are horribly scripted now) is reasonable and a priority.

Thankfully, I am not the only person who realizes how much of a shift (for the worse) our society has made. I'm happy that the nerds I grew up with are still nerds. It is refreshing when I have a conversation/debate with those who have common sense (either 1 on 1 or in a group setting) that we all still believe in agreeing to disagree respectfully. Maybe that's a trend that should make its way back into our society... just like every pair of re-released Jordan sneakers.