The Last Of Us (Review + Future)

One of the most decorated games of all time is also my favorite game of 2014. Naughty Dog developers are the creators of The Last of Us. The game was re-released for PlayStation 4 in July of 2014.

The story starts off with Joel, Uncle Tommy and Joel’s daughter Sarah. News outlets break out in horror as an infection seems to have taken over the city. As the game progresses, Joel travels all across the country and is joined by a young girl name Ellie. It turns out that the United States is going through a post-apocalyptic situation. There are not many human survivors left… and even the last of them do not trust each other.

Overall, The Last of Us takes you on a journey unlike other post-apocalyptic/zombie games. There are a lot of DLC’s including The Last of Us: Left Behind, which is a new single-player campaign that takes place before and during the main story.

After months of speculation and hopes, most of our dreams (well at least mine) have come true. Naughty Dog is currently working on The Last of Us 2 and is scheduled for release in 2016. Once the official release date is announced, you can guarantee that I am dedicating the entire day to the game and nothing else.