What Happens Tomorrow?

In less than 8 hours the year of 2015 will be completed. Writing 2016 on every document will become a new part of my routine. I'll start my morning off with a cup of coffee and some cereal or an omelet (depending on how I feel). What will really happen once tomorrow comes around and it feels like everyone's personal slate is a pristine white clean piece of stone?

Immediately start working on accomplishing my goals for the year!
Once I enjoy my first 4 or 6 cups of coffee, if my phone is charged, I will re-read The 5 Money Myths that I told y'all about last month here one more time before I write the complete review. After that, I'm pretty sure there will be a few articles I need to edit... oh wait great news guys!

Remember last month when I also released the news of being a new Writer for GamerHolics? Well now I am the Lead Editor! I am releasing a new article on top of editing a few others tomorrow. You all should definitely follow my gaming family on Twitter and Facebook asap! 

So after careful consideration, I've thought over what I am going to call this long lists of hopes and dreams. New Year's Resolutions or List of Benchmarks for 2016....

Here is my List of Benchmarks for 2016!

  • Write a minimum of 300 blog posts/articles on here.
  • Write a minimum of 150 articles on GamerHolics.
  • Attain 2-3 more branding ambassador partnerships/sponsorship's.
  • Complete my photo project Ambition & Rebellion (this will be written in big bold letter within my composition book).
  • Fix my blog's sidebar! (I have no idea what happened with the widgets and what not, but I'll figure it out soon).
  • Travel to a gaming convention (most likely with one or a few of my GH family).
  • Get the heck out of the United States! Anywhere will do, so for now I am keeping my options open.
  • Stay consistent and on top of the ball with everything that I do!
  • Accomplish every personal goal that I am not going to list off here because this post is becoming a little long now. (*villain-ish laugh*)

I hope you all progressed and grew in some aspect this year. However, I must bid you all a farewell for now... there's some Brandy and Whiskey calling my name!

Happy Birthday to me!


I mean Happy New Year 2016! I swear, that was a honest mistake, it even says it on the card here Happy New Year 2016! :D