UzBrainnet’s Rail Gun Kickstarter

The beautiful thing about crowdfunding resources now is the ability for fans/followers to support who they want immediately. UzBrainnet officially launched their Kickstarter campaign earlier today. They are looking to receive donations in hopes of releasing their new RAIL GUN controller. For gamers who love or specialize in playing FPS games, this will be an investment worth having.

This RAIL GUN controller will be equipped with UzBrainnet’s Fast Rotation Technology. It enables players to effectively make accurate 180 degree and 360 turns for optimum accuracy.  The RAIL GUN is also imbedded with an algorithm, which minimizes shaky hands, during those crucial moments where aiming is of the utmost importance.

To connect the RAIL GUN to your system is just the same as you would do with your normal controllers. Simply plug it in with a USB drive port and you are on your way. This will be compatible to PS4, Xbox One, Windows, and Oculus console systems.

Within three days, UzBrainnet team has received $24,026 from donated contributions. That is a great way to start off their campaign, as the goal they have pledged is $100,000. Just like any other Kickstarter campaign, there are a variety of rewards/packages that comes with supporting the cause.

Pledging $1 or more: Backers will receive exclusive updates on the RAIL GUN’s development. This is set up for those who simply want to give whatever they can. There is no need to feel pressured into giving a huge amount if you can’t. Anything is better than nothing and will be well appreciated.

Pledging $150 or more: Donating at this level will reward you with 1 complete set of the Rail Gun product line when it is released. There is a limited amount available at this level… and they are all gone! (This just shows how important this will be for FPS gamers!)

Pledging at $165 or more: This comes with the same package as the latter level. 12 out of 50 limited packages are already claimed. If you notice how quick the first round came and gone, you may want to think quick and fast about not being late this time.

Pledging at $180 & $199 or more are the same exact packages including a complete set of the Rail Gun product line.

Pledging $330 or more: Backers will receive 2 complete sets of the RAIL GUN product line.  It would be nice to gift yourself and your friend (or significant other) with one of these for an early (yet future) Christmas gift this year.

Pledging $4,260 or more: This is a very limited level with only 5 available (3 are already sold). Donating at this level will give you 30 complete sets of the RAIL GUN product line. I would assume that this level is more suitable for eSports teams who all put their money together into one joint contribution. I could be wrong though. Maybe you are a very generous individual. If you bought one for yourself and gave the other 29 away, you will most likely be the most appreciated person of 2016. (If you are one of these people, I will give you my address at the end of this post haha).

If you would like to view more information and videos about this, feel free to check out their campaign for yourself here.