Disrespectful Youth of America

 Photo source:  Bethone.org

Photo source: Bethone.org

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When I was a young teenager in high school (just a few years ago) urban schools were not the greatest in a variety of aspects. In particular, many of my peers did not have the attitudes have the best attitudes or respect towards faculty members.  I would be a liar to say that everyone was respectful towards each other. However, our worse days does not even compare to what teenagers are doing now and days.

Recently in South Carolina school resource officer Sr. Deputy Ben Fields was fired after video footage showed him using excessive force towards a student. Outrage came from everywhere as if this scenario was a mere racially profiled case because the student was black and the officer was white. From reports over the past few days, information states that the teacher, an administrator, and Deputy Ben asked the student for her phone. Essentially (assuming by common sense and basic rules) cell phones are not allowed in high schools or classrooms as they cause a disturbance.

As the videos from different angles have shown, the student was sitting when Deputy Ben began to use force against her. Just to judge from what everyone has seen from the news, I do not condone the force that he used. There was no perspective of the student actually putting the deputy in any type of physical danger (although witnesses say the student was hitting the deputy). If there was anyway to simply put her in handcuffs to simply remove her from the classroom, he should have done so. Now if the student still resisted after countless attempts (excluding excessive force) then of course some force would have to be used.

Instead of putting these disrespectful kids in their place because they are dead wrong (not because of their race) educators and officers should calmly talk them down right? When a cop has no other choice but to use excessive force, the cops are wrong (and racist if white). When kids in these type of schools are consistently failing, it's the teachers fault.

Now (excluding race) what if the disrespect was reversed? Or how about if race was a major factor all the time... would there be the same outrage?

How did society forget to solve problems logically? Now it is all about fitting a specific narrative and being right (even when the problem is obviously right in front of our face). Everyone wants to be right and no one wants to be wrong. This is the society we live in today and nothing is ever a problem or threat until it comes knocking on someone's front door.