Prime Example Regarding Gender Equality in America Never Hapenning!

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(Each of the 4 comments are copy and pasted from the original Facebook post here)...

"This is stupid.. dude needs to get over it..big diffrence between women getting sexual assaulted by a man..then a girl doing it to a guy.. smh. I'm sure the girls were drunk or trying to be cute." - From a woman

"Double standards and hypocritical. I swear females kill me. Females can sleep with a man cry rape, lock him up for years and sue. Win the case then they blow all the money just to stunt for people they don't know. Then its women that say a man cant be raped. Double standards." - From a woman (One of the few commenters of either gender that made logical sense.)

"Either the guy was gay, or those twerkers were transgender. Cause what straight man is gonna press charges on 2 women for grinding on him." - From a guy

"Sexual assault for twerking on a man...dude must be super gay" - From a guy

This is one pure example as to why there will NEVER be gender equality in America... and it's sad! When a man reports sexual assault he is immediately labeled as "gay, a punk, a sissy, not a masculine man, a b****, etc." Reverse the roles and as soon as you finish reading the title of an article without hesitation "who ever that scumbag/guy/dude needs to be put in prison."

We all know dirtbag, pervert, disgusting males exist! It is incomparable to how often sexual assault (on any level) happens to females and males.
However, some women (not all) are notoriously known for being able to bold face lie about a rape, get a man sent to jail, only for that man to be found not guilty years later and not a single punishment is bestowed upon the false accusing woman... NONE! How many times have we seen (either on social media, mainstream news, and/or your own research) that men make up complete lies about a sexual assault and the woman immediately gets sent to jail, no questions asked?

Somewhere along the lines of American society, people have lost the ability to think logically (which is the easiest and simplest way to create equality). Instead people have learned to think...

"If it benefits me and my perspective/opinion, then it is fine. For those who don't agree with me... they are dead wrong no matter what!"

"If I have to lose my special treatment as a man/woman, then I don't think it should change."

"If I can get special treatment that is not of normal status quo for males/females... hell yeah! Sign a billion petitions! Boycott the hell out of (insert something completely stupid and pointless to complain about such as "why women can get into clubs for free, but guys have to pay?")."

Double standards will always exist because no one wants to lose the "gender specific benefits" that give them an advantage in order to give the same allowance to the other side. *Kanye shrug*