Is Hip-Hop Music On Its Last Breath?

 Photo source:  Bestbongreviews

Photo source: Bestbongreviews

Over the past decade artists of all music genres have suffered either a significant decline in hard-copy album sales. Some situations are due to the now evolving world of streaming from applications such as (but not limited to) iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. Nonetheless, Hip-Hop has taken the worse loss of modern-day changes surrounding the music industry.

In the early 2000s, rappers Eminem, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne were selling 1 million+ albums the first week. Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter III" album (2008) is the last Hip-Hop album to achieve that benchmark. Many rap albums don't even reach 1 million album sales (physical or digital) in a year anymore! However, Country/Pop artists Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift have notably kept this goal alive throughout the current decade.

So what is the problem?

Hip-Hop artists have kept up with what fans want... club hits and summer singles that can be played at any party/club. Unfortunately, there is a major decline in lyricism and substance in majority of the songs. Once die-hard Hip-Hop fans of artists such as 2 Pac, NWA, Run DMC, Biggie, Common, Jay Z, Eminem, and Lupe Fiasco are now tired of hearing the same thing. Most Hip-Hop songs within the past 10 years have included lyrics about money, gang related actions, violence, and women (most lyrics which are degrading instead of complimenting). The major problem in Hip-Hop generating high revenue sales that it once did before is the lacking of diversity (topics and lyrics wise). 

From my perspective I rarely ever listen to Hip-Hop music created after 2008. If I hear the songs it is usually from a YouTube video, Vines (the app), or a Snapchat. Some songs are worth listening to not because of the lyrics, but because of the uptempo beats.

What are your thoughts about today's Hip-Hop music? Do you love it? Used to love it, but now hate it?