Third Republican Debate (Aftermath)

 Photo source: CNBC (Facebook)

Photo source: CNBC (Facebook)

I am convinced that we now live in an American society that is desperately lost... especially (some not all) of the Republican presidential candidates. I am appalled (and highly disappointed) at the debate that CNBC made an effort of not streaming to anyone online unless one was subscribed to their website.

It is probably best that the debate did not air anywhere at all.

The under-card debate was simply a waste of time. As I stated in yesterday's blog post (here) the bottom 4 opening act candidates should stop wasting money and drop out.

I will keep this short, because last night does not deserve much detail to be reviewed... again. Last night's GOP debate was a re-run of the second debate. Donald Trump took a more relaxed approach (to his antics), yet took advantage of one moment taking a sarcastic jab to John Kasich's poll numbers. Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, and Ted Cruz tried their best to bring some integrity to stage... but to no avail. Jeb Bush and Mark Rubio attacked each other (verbally and Rubio won). Carly consistently showed how much of a filler that she is instead of a serious candidate. Expressing multiple times how much of a threat she is (and will be) to Hillary (who of course was not there) was a complete joke.

Ben Carson stumbled over his words in his standard monotone and lack luster confidence on every question. Rand Paul could have eaten a 5-course dinner at his podium and no one would have even noticed.

The GOP debates have become such a circus show that I really don't even want to write about the future sessions. Every candidate should just stop wasting time and money, nominate Donald (no matter how much they don't like him, he's obviously going to win). Push for the best chance they have to get a Republican President into the white house.