Third Republican Debate (Prelude)

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Tonight the GOP candidates will square off for the third time this year on CNBC. Because the pool of right wing conservatives is still highly overpopulated, the sessions will be broken up into 2 parts.

The bottom 4 candidates will take center stage at 6pm (EST). Unfortunately, they are polling the least which basically depicts them as the opening act to candidates that really have a chance to win the party's nomination.

Rick Santorum
Bobby Jindal
George Pataki
Lindsey Graham

The Top 10 candidates whom are polling the best will make their grand appearance onto the stage at 8pm (EST).

Donald Trump
Ben Carson
Marco Rubio
Jeb Bush
Carly Fiorina
Ted Cruz
Mike Huckabee
Chris Christie
John Kasich
Rand Paul

Honestly, I am not expecting any major significant moves from any candidate to make a bold impact on their policy plans. As we all know Trump who is leading in many polls typically trumps (pun intended) over these debates through his abrasive attitude. Other candidates will continue to take jabs at Trump hoping to either be the one who tears Trump down, or to get a few extra minutes to speak. With the recent hearing of Hillary Clinton vs The Benghazi Committee, I'm predicting that either Carly, Paul, Chris, and/or Bush will some way figure out a way to bash Hillary about it.

Topics I am expecting to be noted...
Debt ceiling
National Security
Policy plans (including immigration, foreign, domestic, and Wall Street vs Government)
*Okay maybe not Wall Street vs Government since we are talking about Republicans here.
Economic status (improving poverty and the middle class)
Healthcare (across the board)

Who I think will drop out of the race because of this debate?
The entire opening act (lowest 4 polling candidates). At this point if they can not make a substantial (and basically perfect) performance tonight, there is no purpose for them to continue wasting their time.

Who will win tonight's debate?
If Trump (who will most likely have the most speaking time) can begin to explain what he will do as President instead of "I'll learn/explain when I am President" this is his night to win or lose. Cruz, Paul, or Rubio could possibly make a run for the top spot if they focus on themselves instead of arguing with Trump or about Hillary.