Behind The Scenes + Major Updates

So I am approaching Day 4 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge (consecutively) and this will be a short announcement moreso than a blog post.

I am working on a new project right now and instead of releasing it and then everyone forgets this blog post, I want to do something different.

The new project I am speaking of will unfold on my Snapchat (KenonThompson). I want this to be different because I have spent months developing this project. In short... Chef + Food + Recipes + Travel = New Project.

I will begin releasing behind the scenes videos on Snapchat 24 hours after this blog post is released.

*PSA: Snapchat does not pay me any endorsement, sponsorship money, or pay my bills. I'm not asking nor begging for extra promotion from Snapchat. However, I think it will be a different type of promotion that no one has done before. So if you are interested in behind the scenes videos, add me on Snapchat (kenonthompson) and see how this project unfolds.