My Library of Food Blogs (Chapter 1)

 "Salmon Tataki, 2011"

"Salmon Tataki, 2011"

As I am adjusting to my new life of working for myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the reading I can do now. More specifically, catching up with my favorite food blogs that I have followed for years and now feeling as if I am in the loop. Every Monday I am going to release a list (if you will) of bloggers that make me want to get in the car, travel to the closest Whole Foods, and inspire me to cook their dishes (or test out my own recipes). This week, I am starting off with the food blogs that I began following during my college years in culinary school.

Cannelle et Vanielle
Aran Goyoaga (mother, freelance food writer, stylist, and photographer) is the brainchild of the award-winning blog Cannelle et Vanielle. What makes this blog so special to me is how Aran incorporates home and family into her posts. As we all know, food is by far the easiest (and honestly best way) to bring family and strangers together. When I read Cannelle et Vanielle, I feel like I am around a best friend who lives too far away from me! Many of Aran's blog posts derive from nostalgia accompanied with bold and colorful photos (inside and outside of the kitchen).

Favorite Blog Post: A Summer Crab Feast and Corn and Fennel Chowder Recipe

Food52 is more than just a blog, it is a community of cooks ranging from amateur (home cooks) to professionals. New York Times bestselling Author Amanda Hesser and freelance food editor/writer Merrill Stubbs created Food52 on the basis of simply helping others. From supporting local food producers, to supplying a shop full of cooking essentials (and kitchen toys), in addition to interactive features allowing everyone to contribute, this is what I dreamed of as a kid. A place on the internet where everyone who loves food can join together and help each other. Sometimes simplicity is better than complex... but there is no problem with either side of the spectrum.

Favorite Blog Post/Recipe: The Best Roast Chicken with Garlic and Herb Pan Sauce

Dorie Greenspan
When I think of a genie granting me one wish, for one month, I would like to be in Dorie Greenspan's shoes. For over 20 years Dorie has graced the world with 10 cookbooks, 3 restaurants all around the world, unforgettable stories, and a huge sense of inspiration. I could sit here and write for days how much I admire Dorie as an influential element to the culinary world. 

Favorite Blog Post/Recipe: Everyday Dorie: Tropical Ice Cream Cake, a Party Cake in Your Freezer