#WeekendCoffeeShare: Anime Over Reality TV Shows

 Photo Credit: courtesy_commodityonline.com

Photo Credit: courtesy_commodityonline.com

A peer of mine in the blogger world introduced me to a blog hop titled "Weekend Coffee Share" yesterday by the team at Part Time Monster. Of course I am a sucker for anything remotely related to coffee, so I immediately jumped on board. In short, these blog posts will cover normal conversations as if we are having coffee at a local cafe. Every weekend I will have these types of posts, which ensures I at least provide 1-2 lifestyle blog posts a week. Yes I will shoot my own coffee photo soon for this series, but I seen this one on a blog and absolutely love it!

Now that the introduction is out of the way... oh wait there's another thing I need to mention. I am participating in a 30 Day Blogging Challenge created by Sarah Arrow. I actually started this challenge yesterday with the Hillary Clinton vs The Benghazi Committee, so this is Day #2 for me. Okay, now that I have covered the new things going on here, let's have some coffee and have a discussion.

I don't know who created this weird stipulation that once you become an adult, you can no longer watch anime shows. Yes I am 25 years old, I still play Pokemon, and I watch anime as much as possible. When we watch shows, we are looking to be entertained to some degree right? Correct!

The last reality television show series I genuinely cared about was MTV's The Real World/Road Rules. The Road Rules series ended in 2007, however, The Real World series has continued on. There is something about the traveling aspect, and making new friends from complete strangers that is appealing to me. While some people believe that it is a scripted show, I don't agree. I feel a little bit old now saying "back in the day" but it is true. Back in the day that was a real reality television show. No scripts, or horrible acting for the cameras, just real people showing what reality is like and the journey that unfolds. Now and days, I can't even stand to watch one full episode of these new reality TV shows.

The enticing element of anime is the narrative/story plots. Sometimes an entire anime season can come out at once, or episodes are released on a certain schedule. For those who are interested in anime (or would like to enter the world of anime) I highly recommend using CruncyRoll. It is the Hulu or Netflix (which ever you prefer to compare) of anime with a ton of shows to choose from. Right now there is a 14-Day Free Trial which can be played on all devices, with unlimited access to their entire catalog. After that it only costs $6.95/month to subscribe... trust me, it is worth the price and more!

What do you think about this? Are current reality television shows worth watching? What do you think about adults watching anime?

Love and Coffee Beans,