Hillary Clinton vs The Benghazi Committee

 Photo credit:  RT

Photo credit: RT

When the 2016 Presidential Candidates of the United States began to accumulate a couple of months ago, I easily chose my favorite front-runner. I am voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton to be President of the United States.  The first couple of GOP, and Democratic Debates have weeded out the weaker candidates (which were irrelevant during their entire, yet short campaign attempts). I do not have a biased opinion when it comes to politics at all. If these are the people leading our country and representing us on our behalf to other countries, I want the best individuals in those positions.

For some illogical reasoning, Republicans have attacked Hillary based upon what happened in Benghazi during her Secretary of State tenure. September 11th, 2012 four American (including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens) were killed under Hillary’s watch. This past Thursday, the Benghazi Committee composed of Republicans and Democrats, in short wasted Hillary’s time and taxpayers money.

(I watched the entire testimony myself, and even I took more breaks than they did!)

The Democrats (who were unbiased in their questions because of party affiliation) pursued new information. Any intelligence that has not been explained through previous investigations, Hillary’s work e-mails, or even Hillary’s previous appearance to the house (different Committee) in 2013. The Republicans however, showed just why some American’s (even those who are Republican) have little to no faith in them anymore.

For 11 hours (including breaks) the Committee grilled Hillary with around 300 questions. Poised, articulate, and well informed as normal, Hillary simple held her own ground. This tactic has been revealed as a political move to devalue Hillary’s reputation as a viable potential candidate for President (seeing that she is the front-runner for Democrats). Republican Congressmen & Congresswomen continually asked the same questions with different vocabulary and expecting a different answer. Hillary repeatedly states the same facts and knowledge at least 10 times for some questions, which did not make the Republicans happy. Instead, their scheme to get the narrative they wanted was to ask Hillary a question, interrupt her mid-sentence, and then “yield back” any further questions. No new substantial information or news was figured out in the 11-hours they used... none!

Basically, this is how the entire testimony looks like in drawing form...

Quite honestly, as much as I have studied politics for the past couple of years, this is the worse representation of Republican Party I have ever seen. Instead of accomplishing their mission, this has only depicted Hillary not only as the best in Democratic class, but also the best option to be our next President. Bernie Sanders is good, but I think he will be a better Vice President instead.

Whether you love Hillary, or despise her… logically speaking, there is no one better fitting for being President than Hillary right now.

(Below are the videos including the 3 hour hearing in 2013 and 11 hour hearing in 2015.)

2013 Hearing

2015 Hearing