Pokemon GO (Expectations)

 Source: Pokemon.com

Source: Pokemon.com

The most important news of the year (for geeks of course) was released last month. Tsunekazu Ishihara (President and CEO of The Pokemon Company) announced last month that adults who grew up in the 90s will finally be able to live in a real world full of Pokemon! Pokemon GO will be a real life simulation version of experiencing Pokemon differently than the traditional video games. This app will be released in 2016 and available on iPhone/Android devices. The bluetooth wristband in the photo above will serve as a locator for discovering Pokemon around us. 

When I first received word about the announcement from my friends it was 3am. I was playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire on my Nintendo 3DS (still trying to obtain my Super Doubles Battle trophy in Battle Maison). At first I seriously could not believe it; mostly due to the fact that I was extremely tired, but elated at the same time.

What makes this so amazing (besides the obvious awesomeness) is how beneficial it will be for young kids/teenagers. Since Millennials are so attached to their cell phones and tablets on a daily basis, those who are Pokemon fans now have a reason to play outside. I am honestly looking forward to walking around the neighborhood, or grocery store and see another person with the bluetooth wristband on.

I am casting my prediction now... a multitude of new friendships will be made in 2016 because of Pokemon GO.