New Fall Updates

I am extremely excited to finally see these updates come to fruition. For a few months I have sketched out, tweaked, erased, and re-written, exactly how I want this website/blog to look like. The format and design overall is what was trapped in my head until now. So without further or due, let me explain some of the details.

New Home Page
Now that I will be focusing on a multitude of topics, I am breaking up each category accordingly. The most recent blog posts from each category will be shown here. So instead of scrolling through a pool of posts, if their is something in specific you like to read from me, accessibility will be easier.

New Categories
If you did not assume by the anime version of me above, yes I am adding Gaming and Anime to my arsenal of topics. My love for both is not something new, however, I can admit that there was a lack of emphasize on my part which I will improve on.

I am also adding Book Reviews to the list of categories that I will cover on my blog. For those who are not familiar (or simply forgot) Goodreads is an amazing source to discover hidden gem authors. I received one book because of a giveaway which I am going to read tomorrow. 

New Society6 Shop
Over the past few months I scouted a few new online shops that I could use for my photography, household items, iPhone cases, and clothing. Needless to say, I am going to stay exactly where I am with Society6. They are the best one stop shop for everything I will like to provide. Once I finalize a few more designs, I am going to re-open the shop with a lot more to offer.

I think that is enough updates for now! I have a substantial amount of posts up my sleeves (well not literally since I am wearing a hoodie now). Now that the format is exactly how I want it to be, I can put all of my focus towards the content now for you all.

Love & Coffee Beans,