Violence… Why?

Unfortunately last night I heard some disturbing news that sparked me to write this blog post. On Sunday in my hometown a house became the target of a senseless drive-by shooting. While it hurts to say that this is nothing new to hear, what I am about to tell you hurts even more. In the house included the family of the parents and 3 of their kids were inside at the time of the shooting. The mother suffered minor injuries, but the youngest child was shot and killed. At 7-months old, Jaquil Mansaw was shot in the back and killed… 7-months old! 

Who could be so careless and evil to be the reason why a baby (who was obviously not involved in whatever has caused the shooting… if there is even a reason) end his life? 6 days into the New Year, a lot of us are celebrating new possibilities, and new goals we have set... a baby didn't even get a chance to live anymore. Jaquil didn't even get a chance to spend 1 year on this planet! His body so fragile, that while it has been reported he was in critical condition at first, eventually the fatal wound would be too much for his body to even cope with. The parents, they just lost their baby boy right in front of their eyes! 

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This touches so close to home (physically and literally) for me because I traveled back to my hometown late December to see my family. I was able to see my little cousin for the first time. It was late at night, and she was a bit tired. I wondered if she would even walk to me because she has never seen me in her young life. To my surprise, not only did she walk to me, but she allowed me to hold her, and she held on to me. Inside I was crying tears of joy a little bit, because the moment she let me hold her, I instantly fell in love. I felt so many emotions at one moment that I was not expecting to. I felt like I should do whatever it takes to protect her by any means necessary. To see her more often than every few years. The picture I was able to take of us is the wallpaper for my cell phone. 

I'm afraid because like the old saying goes "If it happens to one person, it can happen to anyone." I can not even fathom how the family feels right now. I don't know how I would feel if this scenario happened to my little cousin. As the world continues to grow more selfish, so will the violence. Retaliation to something like this to the suspects (if those suspects are ever discovered) would not be out of the ordinary.  

What is the point to violence and murdering other human beings? What "satisfaction" does it bring to those shooting the gun(s)? How can they even sleep without thinking about this? I'm pretty sure they have seen themselves on the news by now and know the house they shot at, contained a littler kid that they killed. Is their something influencing the minds of people who commit violence/such crimes? Music that has violent lyrics? Movies with violent content? If so, while it may be too late, lets cease and decease it all so the future generations don't get brainwashed into thinking that violence is an answer… because it is never the right answer.