#SelfMotivationMonday: Your Impact Means More

Modern day success on social media outlets have been generalized by the amount of followers/likes one has. I've seen popularity turn people into someone that they are not. The once unknown person, now acts as if they are too good to the same exact people that helped them become relevant. Instagram made it indirectly noticeable how many of the 1.5 million followers one person had by removing majority of the fake/spam accounts.

Social media success should not be determined by the number of followers one has, but the quality of their content that they create. There are so many mainstream Viners/Instagrammers/Photographers on Facebook that have millions of followers, but subpar at best content. While on the other hand, other less "popular" people on those social media outlets have less followers, and content that actually makes an impact on their followers consistently. While it is great to have a lot of fans/followers, never forget where you came from. Don't let the numbers boost your ego in a "I'm too good to even comment" to any of your fans/followers. 

If any social media outlet was to become irrelevant (for example Mysapce), no one is going to care or remember how many followers you have. Make an impact that people will remember for the rest of their lives. It doesn't matter how many fans/followers you have. Be genuine, be silly, be nerdy, whatever you truly are as a person, someone in this world will love you for it. They will understand your weirdness, and seriousness. The impact you have on your fans/followers lives mean way more to them the amount of likes/retweets/revines.

Now before you go out and kick Monday's butt today, play your favorite song at least one time. The song that makes you happy no matter how you are feeling. I am listening to MC Hammer - You Can't Touch This right now! What are you going to listen to? 

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you all have an amazing day! 

Love & Coffee Beans!