What Is More Important... Power or Money?

Growing up in an urban environment surrounded, inspired, and motivated by money (aka the root of all evil), that is all I knew. The more Money I have, the more Power I will have. That is, until I became an adult, a hard-working adult started to question what is more important in today's World... Money or Power?

In my opinion, Money is way overrated in comparison! Why? Let me speak from a legal perspective. Anyone can work at any job(s) and will be guaranteed a paycheck(s) when pay day comes around. Everyone can obtain multiple little pieces of paper that are made from trees despite the level of work skills. The only thing "exclusive" about Money is the different amounts people receive.

But when it comes to Power, now we are talking about exclusivity. The argument that both Money & Power go hand-in-hand is a completely valid argument. If you have enough Money, then you can "buy" Power if you want to. For those who have pure Power, it is earned and given in different elements. Respect, trust, and hard-work is how someone can be given Power. 

All of the money that I have earned since the first day I have started to work at 15 years old, none of it contributed to the Power that I have. By no way do I want anyone to believe, or have a perception that I can snap my fingers and have my way. Having Power will be a forever progression for me personally. 

I remember when I was late on an Entrepreneur project paper for the first time in High School. I didn't ask for sympathy from the teacher, nor did I think that points wouldn't be deducted for my wrongful timeliness. I asked for time (to be exact, 3 hours after the school day ended) because I built trust, and respect with the teacher. I specifically told this teacher "Look at my history, I've always turned in my work/papers/homework way ahead of time or on time. I'm not asking for sympathy, I'm asking for the time." This is when I was working full-time 40+ hours, going to high school and being a part of a popular high school marching band that performed/traveled at least 3-4 times a week. I'm humble enough to say that this teacher did take off points for me being late because he wanted to teach me a lesson personally. I thanked him so much for teaching me that lesson (not kissing ass) because even when I was a standout student, he taught and told me "You are no better of a student than any other student just because of your history, however, I trust you, your strong work ethic and your word because you have never lied to me or made me regret giving you my trust." 

I pursue to have more Power with good intentions, respect, strong work ethic and trustworthiness than any amount of Money. I value inspiring and being motivational to family/friends/supporters more than a green piece of paper. 

My Power may not pay the bills per se, or earn me a more significant amount of Money than I already make, but it does give me time. Time to keep my promise, time to make as much Money as I want, and most importantly keep my word, my bond... if I say that I am going to do it, then it will happen by any means necessary.

What are your thoughts about this? What;s more important to you in your life... Money or Power? 

Kenon Lamont ThompsonComment