24 Years Old, More Driven, More Humble

Last Friday marked the 24th year that I have been living on this Earth. It is an amazing feeling to say the least. Every time around this year, I compete a major self-reflection assessment on myself. How productive was I personally and business wise? How much have I grown/matured as a Man, Friend, Older/Younger brother, Inspiration? What were the dumb mistakes and great choices/moves that I made? 

There s nothing wrong or narcissistic with comparing yourself, to yourself. My personal opinion, that is the best way you can grow. Only you know what happens behind closed doors. Every single thought in your mind, and every dream you have while you are asleep. 

I will miss saying that I am 23 because I live in Chicago, Michael Jordan's basketball number was 23. I considered 23 as my Michael Jordan year in a metaphorical sense. 

I traveled to Michigan for the first time to attend a Great Gatsby themed party with many photography friends. I traveled to different cities of the east coast (USA) that I have never been to. I have met/made a lot of new friends, and I've also lost a few people that I called friends. I am in the plans of helping my community back home in Kansas (visit the blog post "Giving Back To My Community" if you have not seen it). That's life, you win some and you lose some.

I am almost a Quarter of a Century years old, but we'll talk about that next year haha! I critique myself so hard because I want my life to have purpose. I want people to be able to say that I actually meant something to this world instead of just being another social security number. When I introduce myself to people, they no longer refer to Kenan Thompson the comedian. Something I've had to deal with most of my life, being "compared" to someone just because we basically have the same name. Thanks a lot Mum! :D

As I reflect on my own past year, I also pay close attention to my friends and how the year was for them. I have never been more happy and excited to see my friends so happy and successful this year. From getting married, having kid(s), getting a new/better job, creating their own businesses, getting international press, entering/graduating college/graduate school, working out/doing yoga being more healthy than ever... I can go on forever here! 

I look forward to all of the new adventures that I will take this year. The trips and the people I have already scheduled myself to take is unreal. First and foremost, I will be visiting my hometowns (Kansas City and Denver) to see family and friends for the first time in 2 years! I also plan on traveling to Arizona (which will be another first) to spend time with college friends that are Entrepreneurs. I'm so excited for that trip! 

I'm happy to say that I am 24 and what is to come from this year of my own existence. I am equally as happy to say that I look forward to how all of y'all lives are in the next 12 months! I end this post with a personal quote...

"I am a compilation of the family members, friends and people in my life. Without you all, I am nothing."

Love & Coffee Beans!