Giving Back To My Community & Hometown

I am so excited to finally release this great news! But first... let me take a selfie!

Okay, now I will get to the topic at hand! 

Urban Scholastic Center (USC) is a program driven to develop socially responsible Christian leaders. It just so happens that USC is located in my hometown (Kansas City, Kansas)! USC is geared towards young kids/students no matter their race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status (so don't let the word "Urban" misconstrue your thoughts/pre-concieved opinions).

Last month, I was notified that my name was brought up in a meeting and the idea of me creating a program including volunteering, and doing doing cooking demos/create a cooking program for the young kids. Since I have not heard of the program prior to last month, however, I was intrigued by what I initially heard. So, I did my research, watched their Youtube videos, and immediately reached out to a representative of USC.

So it is with great pleasure and honor to say release this news. I will be creating this cooking program which does not have an official title yet (but it will have a title very soon) with the USC program! The official start date is still undetermined at the moment, but I can tell you that it will definitely start this year.

I always kept the thought in my mind since high school that if I can help the community in my hometown in the future, that I would not hesitate to. Well right now is the future I was thinking of back in high school, and I am humbled to have this opportunity. 

Stay tuned, because I will definitely release details to keep you all updated! You can also visit their website here

Love and Coffee Beans,