RIFG/NYSFG 2014: June 18th, 2014

Picking back up from where we left off watching the sunrise in the morning, on Wednesday we traveled to Seekonk, Massachusetts. While it was so hot that it felt like all of the water I was drinking evaporated in my body, it also bought back nostalgic memories. Memories of me living back in Kansas City, Kansas, being able to walk 5 minutes away from my house where the open land, cornfields, beautiful sunrises/sunsets and horses resided. 

After spending a few hours in the country, we headed to Colt State Park. This park literally had everything in one place! Want to enjoy the beach? Need an outside venue to get married at? Do you fish (catch and release program)? Or just get away from the city and relax. 

There were a lot of photos and concepts being shot by everyone and I am excited to see their final products!

We began the day looking at the sunrise at the beach, and concluded the adventures for Wednesday watching the sunset. 

Overall, I think the photos will speak for themselves instead of me just rambling on all morning so...