RIFG/NYSFG 2014: June, 17th 2014

The Purgatory Chasm! Purgatory Chasm! It's an actual Chasm!

I don't know what made me think of saying The Purgatory Chasm in a "Pauly D voice" but it seems funny!

Yesterday, we went to the Purgatory Chasm where we hiked up, down, sideways, around rocks, and below a beautiful scenery! It was a bit confusing as to how one minute the weather was super nice, cool and a calm breeze. And then 1 minute later, everyone was sweating their hearts out!

Either way, after a few hours of exploring, a bit of dehydration and starvation (don't worry, no one was actually to the point of the slightest emergency red flag) we set found an area and set base. The cool, nice part of the Chasm! 

Personally, I became a bit irritated at the fact of having an idea in my head, yet none of that actually came through. Then, I found an area that was perfect, asked JoAnna to be a part of it, and since my remote wanted to be a diva and only work 10 feet away from the camera, Lysandra was the human remote. 

While I am not finished with the photo, I will at least give a sneak peak/one of many failed attempts with you all...

Oh and it is a part 2 to a photo I did last year at NEFG2013!

Ahhh, such an epic fail and stubborn remote! 

After the Purgatory Chasm, we all came home, relaxed and not much after that happened. That is, until 5am rolled around and we went to the beach down the street to watch the sunrise. 

And this is the where we must depart from now, but at least I'll leave you with photos of the sunrise a few hours ago!