RIFG/NYSFG 2014: June 16th, 2014

 Lysandra hanging outside of the car on the highway

Lysandra hanging outside of the car on the highway

Monday was way better for me than Sunday. I finally got some sleep, and I made sure my camera battery was charged before we left the house today (someone start a slow clap).

Okay let's get on to the more important things that happened.

We went to Fort Whetherill which is an abandoned military fort covered in graffiti. Of course the graffiti holds up to par, however, the scenery also held up to its own as well. The outside filled with empty rooms, leaves, trash and a nice view of the ocean. 

There is also a lower area (I assume was the basement) which is pitch black once the sun can no longer provide open light to it. Here is the kicker, in multiple spots, I seen the name Steven simply written in "print text font", and drawn as graffiti art font. On the way downstairs to the basement, I was all prepared to go as far as I could before, until something caught my eye. I turn around and read the steps, the last 6 stairs each contained one word (a demand) from the bottom-up "Steven get out now or die." My name is not Steven (coincidentally there is a Stephan here at the meetup) yet that was enough for me. Not because I was too scared, but we just didn't have any lighting equipment other than our cell phone flashlights, and that's not enough coverage to take a risk into an abandoned basement.

After taking a few photos, sitting down to relax, and a few more photos, we all went to an (mountain like) area near Fort Whetherill. JoAnna noticed a flower (one I've seen before and noticed because of the beautiful purple color) and said that the purple parts was edible and sweet. 

So I can say this for the first time *Plays Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl* I ate a flower and I liked it!

Fort Whetherill (I ate a flower).jpg

I will say his one thing and then let the photos speak for themselves, this place is by far one of the top 5 most relaxing outdoor places I have ever been to in the country. 

Okay, I'm really bad at this, but I promise this is the last thing. Here is my "office" during RIFG2014! Looks relaxing and comfortable right? That's because it is!