RIFG/NYSFG 2014: June 15th, 2014

What has seemed like an eternity wait finally ended yesterday. With so much anticipation, excitement, and a 6am flight to catch, I considered sleep as not an option. Late night checking of bags to make sure I didn't forget any clothes, personal items, camera gear (I checked my camera bag just about every hour to make sure my memory card and battery was in there). 

By 4:40am (Sunday morning), I arrived at the O'hare airport, and by the time I checked my bags in, wen through security, there was no long wait before boarding the plane.

Traditionally, I always sit by the window while flying a plane. I love the moments and feeling of watching the plane take off from the ground. Seeing that within mere minutes, we all went from the ground to 20,000 feet in the air and above clouds. I tried to get some sleep on the plane, but that didn't work out as planned. I felt myself dozing off, and as I looked out of the window, the sun was rising, basically burning my eyes like no other! 

I had a layover in Philadelphia, which is when I met Lysandra! Lysandra flew in from Canada, and just like me, basically running off of no sleep whatsoever. She sees this Snapchat photo as embarrassing, I see it as... well not embarrassing for me! I'm pretty sure she is going to get me back for this, so I have to be on my A game around her haha!

About 1 hour later, a rocky landing, picking up our bags from baggage claim, Makayla (aka Kel is what I cal her) and her boyfriend Billy (aka the quickest bromance created in my life and I think in history) welcomed us with open arms and excitement. 

The feeling of being in another state for the first time is always an enchanting experience. We went home, unpacked our bags, picked dibs on the rooms (you know how it goes, early bird gets the worm) and finally caught a few Z's for a power nap.

Then everyone else began to arrive, Eduardo Acienro, Stephen Maycock, Meghan Garven, JoAnna Platzer arrived. 

Once everyone arrived and got settled in, we went to a beach close by, to just relax, and take a few photos. Me being the kind-of-sort-of dummy, thought that my camera battery was full as I charged it before I left Chicago, until it was time to go and the battery died. I don't know how, maybe I accidentally turned it on for the entire day... whatever, it will never happen again.

However, I was able to shoot at least some photos on Kel's camera. 

The first day was great and I'm pretty excited to spend time and create photos with everyone here. Stay tuned, and there will definitely be way more photos on the next post. 

Oh one more thing, if you want to see some behind the scenes/at the moment pictures, you can see them on my Instagram (@kenonlamontthompson).

Alright, now I promise this is the last thing! I'm off to drink the rest of the coffee I made for this morning!