Your Life Is Your Book

"Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness." - Eric Thomas

Remember when you were (or are) a kid, you read your favorite book that was only 20-30 pages long, and wishing for it to be longer? Anticipating in your mind what happened next. Creating your own scenario's, when in reality, the story is over, and there's nothing left to be read. Don't let your life be a book that short. I remember the first time I moved out of my hometown state of Kansas, and moved to Colorado. I only visited Colorado once, and that was enough for me. I grew up traveling a lot around the country. The new change of sceneries, new experiences, the new friends that I would have never met sparked my curiosity and created the most blissful dreams in my mind. Now I live in Illinois, again after only visiting once before moving and immediately having a strong infatuation which I now consider my 3rd hometown. None of the moves to different states were easy, but I couldn't let the fear of the unknown scare me away. I wouldn't go back in time or change anything ever. I am happy with how everything has happened, because it made my book longer, more exciting, and more diverse.

Think and figure out what you want the contents in your book to have.

Do what makes you happy, not what makes other people happy. Your family and friends may have opinions on how you choose to live your life, and sometimes it may be helpful. However, don't forget that the title of your life, your book, is your name in bold letters, not theirs. It's okay to disagree with others, and feel misunderstood. You are the Author, Editor-in-Chief, and Publisher... what you envision the content of your book to have is all up to you. My family and friends all gave me their opinions about what moves I should or shouldn't make. Basing their judgements off of how their lives were, what they wanted to do with their lives in the future, and how much was too much for them to handle. I felt like a black sheep even when I was surrounded by people just like me. Majority of them wanted me to take the easy route and play it safe. That's not what I wanted for myself and I listened to my own heart. I let my ambition & rebellion take over me, which was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. 

Never limit your book to only have one chapter.

Every great book ever created has more than multiple chapters. When you are reading, and editing your own book before letting the entire world see it, read it as if you are not you. Are you really happy with just one chapter? Do you feel goosebumps knowing that there are no suspenseful, plot twists moments to read? If you want to move out of your hometown, then do it! Crete a mood-board, but don't be afraid of "what if it doesn't exactly happen the way I plan?" scare you. I remember all of the mood-boards I created and some of the things/ideas that I created didn't come true all the time. Yes, it did make me a bit sad sometimes, until unimaginable moments that I never created happened. Those moments that my imagination didn't create are the memories that I remember the most. Those moments created multiple chapters in my book. 

Plot twists!

What may seem like the end of one chapter is really not what you perceive them to be. Plot twists are the cliff-hangers that keep your book unique. I can not count on all of the individual bones my body have how many times I thought of giving up. I know how it feels to being mere milliseconds away from throwing in the white towel. Never run away at the sight of seeing nothing left that you can do. Keep going, even if you feel like you are falling from Mount Rushmore and don't see a safety net. You don't always need a safety net, you have a permanent parachute attached to your life. All you have to do is pull the cord. 

Intermission breaks are not bad things.

Maybe you feel too distracted, or have let distractions get in your way. There is nothing wrong with taking some time away from being the main character and being a supportive character in your own book. Maybe you feel like you have lost yourself and need to re-discover who you are. Or maybe you feel as if you can be better than who you are by expanding your characteristics, personality, and overall life.

I took intermission breaks all of the time. I never felt bad for not being the main character in my own book. At one point, I felt stagnant in who I was a  person, and I took an intermission break. I was content, but no longer happy, so I let my close friends, new friends, strangers and life help me re-discover who I was... and who I could be at the same time I may have lost some old parts of my old self, but when I came back to being the main character, that's when the light bulb clicked on. The intermission break showed me that losing pieces of myself actually created a better version I never even thought would exist. I became a more humble person, a more diverse person, a more open person. I remember when I lived back home (Kansas) and being scared of letting anyone know that I listened to Rock, Country, Heavy Metal music, because we only grew up listening to Hip-Hop. I never felt more comfortable realizing that I didn't have to hide who I am or what music I like for the sake of "fitting in." The intermission break I took in Colorado made me a more confident, and stronger person. My friends, strangers and life all taught me that I can be as free as I allow myself to be, 

Never stop writing!

Once you feel like the contents of your book are becoming repetitive, find new topics to write about! Travel somewhere you have never traveled before. Try new food that you once said you would never eat... and you never even tried it. If you are a photographer, shoot new photos with different concepts/story lines, edit in different ways than you normally do. If need be, read the books of people whom inspire you the most. Whatever your career is, find a new hobby or spend more time with hobbies that are completely different than your day-to-day work.

Have fun, be happy, and always remember that your book is unique because no one will ever be able to write it better than you! 

Love & Coffee Beans!