Flickr's Children Revolting

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Flickr is the website where many photographers (including myself) called our home. A place where photographers all grew up from a matures to professionals and recognized around the world for their amazing photographs. Now it seems like our parents made changes that are making some of us want to run away from home forever. Apparently the Flickr team is looking at their updates and stating on their Facebook page that "A brighter Flickr is here." Just from what the logo change may be, this does not look like a brighter Flickr from first impression.

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1. The reviling of a completely new layout: Majority of the comments I have heard from other photographer friends displayed a dislike of the new photo stream display. It is too cluttered now to view specific contacts/friends photos. Instead of easily viewing and clicking a single new photo has now turned into a wild hunt game as it can take up to minutes (instead of seconds depending upon how many contacts one person has) to view new photos. 

Just like other updates social media networks are making to be "more modern" eventually, we would get use to it and love it for what it is. Getting over a new layout is an easy thing to do. We do it all the time with websites... but there is more!

2. Classifications of accounts: For those who have paid for 1 year of unlimited amounts of storage to post photos, number of photos (limit was 200 for those who did not purchase the "pro" subscription option) is no longer available. Technically, to those who still have their pro account subscriptions, it is no longer considered pro anymore. The small symbol which defined those who paid for a 1 year subscription is no longer in existence. Now the new subscriptions are categorized as "free", "ad-free" and "doublr" with benefits that are... well, not beneficial whatsoever! Raising the price of the once pro (now ad-free account) is $50.00 per year and an even staggering $499.99 per year. Yeah 1 terabyte of photo/video storage is a lot, but who is really going to use that much space on Flickr? View here to look at the comparison in exact detail from Flickr of it's new account descriptions now and what we once had in the Flickr community. 

3. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's Quote That May Be The Last Straw: I have never seen my photography friends in such angry and rebellious attitudes until this quote was released. If you (and I) could see the faces and reactions to this quote, without any commentary or captions, you could perceive this as a free country revolting against it's leader wanting to become an old school Hitler dictatorship country. 


To say that "there's really no such thing as professional photographers anymore" is Marissa basically shooting Flickr in the heart in front of all the photographers who use/used the website to see.

Personally, if the Flickr team (or the parent of what was once called home with ease foster parent Marissa Mayer) listen/reads the feedback from the users/photographer/target market that practically made it what it is today, get ready to virtually see a lot of photographers with their camera equipment packed and on the road looking for a new place to call home.

I have been in the process of creating a documentary about Flickr photographers. All based on how we all started not knowing a single thing about photography as amateurs, Flickr being our home, and now most of us being known worldwide with our own business's. While I still have my pro account status for a few more months, my cameras are packed and if things don't change soon... I can not believe I am saying this... but I am running away from home and never coming back.

Here are just a few statements from other Flickr photographers in regards to the new updates.

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"I'm mad. I've been paying for Pro since 2008 and now they're just making it free, and making paid accounts with bullshit benefits.

Also. "That's 500,000 photos* to share and enjoy in their original, brilliant quality. To be exact, 537,731."
"* Assuming the resolution of today's most commonly used smartphone"

This makes me feel like it's not for me/ us anymore. They seem to changed their target group a 180 degrees. I'm thinking of just uploading an image with "follow me here and here, I quit flickr"

"Why would anyone pay for that when they can clearly just make two free accounts and get 2TB... When the only incentive for the $500 account is an extra terabyte.. then it's just the same benefits of a free account. Somebody wasn't thinking when they made up this business plan."

"$500 a year... Mind as well create your own website for that much money!"

"It's incredibly disheartening. I've been on Flickr for 5+ years now, and I do not feel the need to stick around anymore. I just really do not want to support such an awful awful company. I'll be making my way back to deviantART in the mean time, while I wait for another new site to call home."

"So it's as clear as day that yahoo now doesn't consider photography as anything but a way to make revenue." 

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Flickr photographers, what do you think about the new changes? Will you stay? Or will you be running away from home?  If you are making a run for it, where to?