Imaginary Enemy Defeated

"I've tried so hard, to be what you needed, your imaginary enemy. I've tried for so long, to make you believe it, that I am not the enemy." - Circa Survive

Here I am to profess that I once thought that my inner critic was my enemy. I treated it as such because treating an enemy kind can be a hard objective to achieve even for the most positive optimist (including myself). 

However, after spending months of re-assessing my personal life and my businesses, I have come to realize that my inner critic is not my enemy. It is actually one of the greatest motivators I have in my life.

My past mindset was the imaginary enemy, not my inner critic. With that being said, I decided to open up the garbage can in my mind and throw away my old mindset.  Doing this has led me to start off a new chapter in my journey opening the door in front of me entering a clear room. A place where I can focus more than I have in the past. Be more open and willing to hear what my inner critic has to say. 

At times I always question myself leaving me to think "am I just over-thinking things more than I should?" I am elated to have discovered this solution sooner than later. With this new blog (no catchy title) I will be sharing, personal updates, updates of my businesses (journalism and photography) in addition to art and life here. 

I am thinking about doing something a little more creative with each topic so instead of you having to search through the entire blog for "personal updates or "business updates." I will try out a few ideas and go from there. However, my new food blog will have a catchy title and a separate blog from this. Don't worry, the adjustments (even though I am creating them) are still new to me. We will all adjust accordingly and everything will be as easy as pie. :)

This is honestly the best place (mentally) I have been in during the 22 years of my life and I am forever grateful that you all are following me.

Without you all, your support, your feedback and your presence whether it is in real life or over the internet (until we meet in person) I would not be the person that I am today.

Oh and I would also love to build more of a community through my new blogs as well, so here are my questions to you for this post. How is the the new year of 2013 treating you so far? Do you feel like you have an imaginary enemy within yourself? If so, why? Is it a hero or a villain? 

Oh one more thing... I will be releasing my new website (specifically for photography) really soon. It may not look completely done, however, if you know how I am, updates and new ideas will always be implemented at the drop of a dime. 

Okay, Jasmine Star is back on CreativeLive for her 3 month course "Restart: A Photography Business Makeover" so I have to go for now. Talk to you all soon!