Catching Up To The World + Rewarding Myself

Restaurant Week is finally over! This is one of the rare occasions you will hear/see me say this... I have never been more excited in my life to sleep! 

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"You can say I took long enough, but can't say that I ain't worth waiting for." - Chamillionaire

I feel like when one (including myself) works harder than normal, that they deserve to spoil themselves with a gift or 2. Well, I have been thinking about what I would get myself since February 1st and it has been an easy decision.

I want to have that feeling of being a kid again. Slowing down and enjoy doing something that feels normal. Within the next week or so I will be rewarding myself with...

Yep that's right... I am becoming a Pokemon trainer again! I am also excited to begin catching up to the world, spending time with my cameras and writing. It feels like forever since I have taken a new photo or written anything new (although it's only been 2 weeks).

I feel like I have finally earned the respect of my chefs for working so hard these past 2 weeks. My chef said he may find a way to get me Friday off and for any chef that is like seeing the white light at the end of the tunnel. To have Friday as a day off is more rare than a thunderstorm happening for 7 days straight! I am scheduled to work the rest of this week and I have already prepared myself mentally to do so. 

If my Chef wants to give me Friday off than so be it, but I would love to have my normal off days (Sunday & Monday) off. 

Who knows, whatever happens I will be happy with. I'm just so excited to finally catch up with the world, smell the flowers, find out what my friends have been up to and cut my hair because it is definitely looking like a wild jungle as you can tell from the first photo in this blog post haha! 

I know I have been talking a lot about posting video logs and poetry. In my head everything is already done, I just need to get them out and release the videos on YouTube as soon as I can. 

How have you been? Tell me about what I have been missing out on with the exciting news you have. 

Coffee Beans and Love, 
- Kenon Lamont Thompson

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