The End of My Social Life... For Now

While I haven't had much time to have a social life as is living here in Chicago for the past 4 months, nothing solidifies the end of it temporarily like Restaurant Week. 

For those who do not know, Restaurant Week is the time period where restaurants offer a special menu for a specific amount of time (Chicago's time period this year is February 1st-10th). As you may have noticed, today is the first of February and my social time is now slowly diminishing. 300+ covers every night for 10 days straight and... it's going to be a fun ride to say the least.

Tempers are going to flare, mistakes are going to be made and all I can do is continue to strive for perfection as much as I can. I'm still going to try and blog as much as possible and hopefully take some behind the scenes photos on Instagram at the restaurant I work at (BOKA), but of course that could be an impossible task because the last thing that is accepted is a line cook on their phone.

I'm going to keep you all up-to-date as much as possible here. It may be daily it may be every few days. Who knows? 

This will definitely be a wild roller-coaster and after it, I am hoping to take a mini vacation somewhere to visit my friends after restaurant week is said and done.