What's A Life Without Pressure?

"What's a life without pressure? I love to have that kind of pressure instead of, we can't stay here because we got drugs or we can't... police or any other pressure I don't have, I'm glad to have that kind of pressure. I have fans that actually... my pressure is fans want me to do better." - Lil Wayne

If the present me would have talked to the younger me I would have loved for him to say "You don't know it yet, but you are going to live on the roller-coaster of your dreams. Some days may not be the best, but you are going to go through so much and grow as a person because you want to. No matter what happens, never give up, if you have to step back and re-assess any situation, then do so."

I pose the question to you as I answer it for myself. What's a life without pressure?

Back when I lived in Kansas City, KS, there was not many people who stood out from the urban community. People looked up to musicians, actors and public figures that they could only meet by watching TV. When I noticed that I could be that person, I can show my friends, peers, family and people who didn't know who I was the endless possibilities... I accepted the challenge.

One thing led to another. Winning awards, being recognized for my hard work (and work ethic) meant something that has never been done and experienced would happen. I put so much pressure on myself because I wanted to be that stand out person of my hometown. Fame was (and is) never my main priority as a public figure now. 

Standing up for positive, dreams and voices too afraid to speak out loud were (and are) my main priorities. No one knew that I would be who I am today, I didn't even imagine what would happen if I did the impossible. 

I define myself as a compilation of everyone who has been in my life. Everyone pushes me to become greater as a person, photographer, journalist and entrepreneur every single day. I have my trials and tribulations, some that hurt so much that I question myself "why do I continue to put so much pressure on myself?" "I could have just lived a simple life with no worries. Wake up, work an average 8 hour day and continue life with little worries."

However, if I didn't have as much pressure in my life... then where would I be now? Who would I be now? Would we have ever met? I look at the pressure as this, it was meant to be a part of my life. In the words of my friend Shelly when I asked this question on my Facebook... "for you, that's non-existent."

Some things in life happens for a reason and at some point, you are going to have to face it. Don't run away, be afraid and instead of perceiving as a negative, look at it this way. A beautiful diamond has to be cut many times before it looks as beautiful as you see it in the end. A foundation that holds a 10-story building has to take pressure in order for everything to stay up.

I'm not afraid or ashamed to express all of my thoughts and experiences. You may know of everything good that is going on with me. I love living in Chicago, re-building my businesses are going great and I am happy right now. Yet there are times when no one is around and all I can do is let tears fall on pillow as I wish a genie would hear my requests of forever joy. Let off the pressure just a little bit, or at least let me know when it is coming so I can prepare for it the best way I can. 

Share with me the pressure you feel in life and how look perceive it as. What would your life be like right now without pressure?