Daily Workflow Outline

For the past few years, I never really operated my life on a workflow schedule. To those who do not know, I recently moved to Chicago after living in Denver, Colorado attending college for 4 years and then moving to Kansas City for the past summer (taking a college break before entering the real world). 

Well school is done and writing papers at 2:00am in the morning are history. Now that I am settled down here in Chicago, I have created a workflow for myself (that is subject to change depending on circumstances) I believe that works well for me. Other than the time when I wake up, nothing else is in a specific order. 

My workflow outline:

Wake up at 6:00am, listen to music from artists (such as Adele, KT Tunstall and Michael Buble), allocate 30 minutes to reading e-mails. (Reason why the time is only 30 minutes right now, is because I am re-building my business in a new city. When I begin to receive more e-mails/inquires, the time allocated will eventually extend to 60-75 minutes). I am also usually watching Good Morning America, The Today Show and/or CNN in the background between 7:00am-9:00am. 
60-75 minutes sending out e-mails/inquires. I would like to begin selling my photos in art stores and having my work displayed in museums all around the world.
1-5 hours reading blogs and books.
1-4 hours taking photos for personal projects (or just to take photos in general).
Go to work at my full time job as a chef.
1 hour creating my to-do list for the next day.
1-2 hours updating my websites/blogs/Facebook/Twitter as well as responding to comments on any of those social networks. 
Take a 1 hour break.
1-3 hours writing blog posts, or writing for my books that I hope to publish some day.
Rest of any time left allocated for business (I'm human, I have a personal life with family, friends, music concerts and just having fun to give time to as well haha!) to shooting planned client photoshoots and business meetings (via in-person, webcam, e-mail or over the phone).

What does your daily workflow look like?